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In light of the recent violence against the Black community—the senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and John Neville—Will Rice would like to unequivocally express our support for the Black Lives Matter movement and denounce any form of racism. While these murders have occurred in other places, we acknowledge that the Rice community is certainly not immune to both microaggressions and overt acts of racism.

We are committed to promoting and engaging anti-racism at Will Rice. We hope to take action and create new initiatives that encourage non-Black Will Ricers to actively engage in dialogue and foster an environment that constantly supports our Black Will Ricers. We condemn any racist behavior that does not align with Will Rice values of equality and inclusivity. We strive to keep our Black Will Ricers safe and comfortable, a right that all students deserve to have.

We must hear the voices of our Black students, practice empathy, and do anything in our power to support them. We must not speak over them but should elevate their voices, their stories, and their priorities. In doing so, we aim to be advocates and allies for the Black community at Will Rice, Rice University, and this country. We can no longer remain silent and complicit. Like the Phoenix, we must rise up and evolve to be a more anti-racist and inclusive Will Rice. We stand with BLM, and we stand with our Black students.